Kapton (Polyimide) Etched Foil Heating Elements

Kapton (Polyimide) Etched Foil Heating Element
Kapton (Polyimide) Etched Foil Heating Element.
According to Wikipedia, "Polyimides have been in mass production since 1955. With their high heat-resistance, polyimides enjoy diverse applications in roles demanding rugged organic materials, e.g. high temperature fuel cells, displays, and various military roles. A classic polyimide is Kapton ..."

Kapton etched foil heating assemblies are constructed from a very thin etched foil circuit embedded between two layers of Kapton, or one layer of Kapton and some other material (such as alumina.) The result is a heater with features perfect for a wide variety of industries - from aerospace, to medical and scientific equipment, to research & development applications. 

Kapton heaters provide excellent heat transfer to adjoining surfaces with the release of minimal contaminants through the use of this very low mass, low outgassing, high dielectric material.  They provide very even heat distribution extremely fast heat-up and cool-down rates. Additionally, they can be constructed in just about any shape, size, wattage or voltage. They are also ideal for applications where distributed wattage (heating profile) is required. 

Furthermore, when the heater and ceramic insulator is bound in such a way to meet NASA’s low outgassing specification, Kapton heater assemblies are ideal for use in vacuum applications.

For more information, visit http://heater.belilove.com. Also, take a fast look at the video below.