850º C Copper Molybdenum (CuMo) Vacuum Heater Chuck

850º C Copper Molybdenum (CuMo) Vacuum Heater Chuck

Vacuum Chuck Heater with Higher Temperature Capability Than Aluminum and Better Uniformity Too!

In a recent test the BCE Copper Molybdenum (CuMo) Vacuum Heater Chuck performed admirably past its stated rating of 850º C up to 900º C during ramp-up and heater stabilization. 

The BCE Copper Molybdenum capability of 850º C clearly outperforms aluminum heater chucks temperature threshold of 450º C by a large margin, and also provides the benefit of more uniform heat distribution. 

For more information contact BCE. Call them at 510-274-1990 or visit this web page.

200mm 8” Copper Molybdenum (CuMo) Vacuum Heater Chuck

Vacuum Heater Chuck


Having better uniformity specifications than aluminum with a higher temperature threshold, the Copper Molybdenum (CuMo) Vacuum Heater Chuck displayed stellar performance during ramp-up and heater stabilization. Thermal conductivity (TC) typically 210 to 255 W/m.K (with rolling process) compared to Aluminum at 205 W/m.K. Using a compressed style configuration, we utilized a 304 stainless steel bottom housing since the uniformity requirement was top end specific. This increased heat transfer towards the top CuMo side while reducing customer cost.

200mm 8” Stainless Vacuum Heater Electrical and Performance Specs:

  • High temperature up to 850°C
  • Temperature uniformity 550⁰C (+/-3⁰C)
  • 108 mtorr, pass best config. baseline (~0.4 torr/min)
  • 120 Volt or 208 Volt Up to 750 Watt (+/-10%)
  • External thermocouple optional
  • Surface Finish: As per customer specification