Mini Clean Flow (MCF) Air Heater – Three Phase

Mini Clean Flow (MCF) – Three Phase


The application requirement was a 2” Stainless Steel heater capable of 120 CFM with a 250⁰C outlet temperature.  The inlet temperature was ambient air.  The heater required two Conflat Flanges (CF2.75), which could be used in a parallel flow configuration at the customer site.  The heater needed to be air tight.    


MCF – Three Phase:
  • 250⁰C @ 120CFM using (2) units in a parallel flow pattern
  • Stainless steel 304, all wetted parts 
  • Pressure tested to 90 PSI (or equivalent 5 x 10 ¯⁴ ATM, cc/sec or better)  
  • 3-phase with three heated zones 
  • (3) independent internal type “K” thermocouples for each zone 
  • 11KW (± 10%) , 240 Volt, 3-phase (or 1-phase optional) 
  • 36” Lead wires for each zone with 12” wire braid for strain relief
  • 304SS CF 2.75 inlet and outlet flange   
  • Medium being heated: Air, ambient  
  • He Leak Tested = 5 x 10¯⁴ ATM, CC/sec or better 


The heater was laser welded on the flanges and brazed on the heater zones.  The heater helium leak test passed up to 1 x 10 ¯⁸ cc/sec in during the testing phase.  There were no problems heating ambient air at 2.5CFM to 200°C during the live power test at BCE.  The part was cleaned and passed the required 700 Volt DC Hi-pot test for 5 seconds @ 0.5mA.  

Mini Clean Flow (MCF) – Large DI Water Heater

Mini Clean Flow (MCF) – Large DI Water Heater


Deionized water application requiring the recirculation of 3 gallons per minute to reach 66ºC in 2 hours. NEMA 4 moisture resistant housing was required.


MCF – Large DI Water Heater:
  • Temperature from 18ºC to 66ºC in 2 hours
  • 316 Stainless Steel All wetted parts
  • Pressure tested to 90 PSI
  • NEMA 4 Housing
  • RTD, 3-wire 100 ohm process sensor built-in near outlet
  • An additional TC for bottom temperature read
  • 16KW (± 10%) , 208 Volt, 3-phase
  • Mounting threads on the bottom of the assembly
  • Medium being heated: Deionized Water (DI Water)
  • Recirculate at 3gpm


The heater zones were individually heated at lower voltage then pressure tested up to 90 PSI at 20ºC - 25ºC. The typical ramp temperature for a bench test prior to shipping is 100ºC. The response time in an air medium environment was immediate as the temperature was achieved in under 20 minutes. All zones passed the recommended 700 VDC for 5 seconds on the Hi-Pot test prior to shipping. The heater was cleaned & packaged then sent out for delivery.


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