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Starwound Cable Heaters

Starwound Cable Heaters

Cable heaters are drawn, elongated, compacted heating elements with the electrical conductor protected inside a metallic sheath with magnesium oxide electrical insulation. Cable heaters are formed straight from round or square tubular stock. Once drawn and compacted, they are used as straight cable in some applications or assembled into various shapes, including star wound or spiral wound patterns. These configurations provide increased surface area, optimal heat transfer, compactness, and a fast heat up and cool down because of their small mass. Alloy 316 stainless steel cable heaters are commonly used in clean environments and where moisture or contaminants are present.

Starwound cable heaters provide optimal heat transfer of fluids (air, gases, liquids), yielding optimal heat distribution. The heater's flexibility allows for winding patterns that distribute power (wattage) precisely as required and generate high temperatures in tight areas. Starwound cable heaters placed inside pipes and ducts create a turbulent flow path, enhancing heat transfer and efficiency.

  • Small diameter, low mass heater allows for fast heat up/cool down.
  • Starwound element creates turbulent flow, resulting in more efficient heating.
  • Sheathed stainless steel element for safely heating clean or impure gas, air, or liquid streams.
  • Broad heater configuration is adaptable to any application.