Custom Epoxy Vacuum Feedthroughs - A Great Alternative

custom epoxy feedthrough
Epoxy feedthrough on circuit board
Custom epoxy feedthroughs offer some excellent advantages when compared to ceramic and metal seals and should be considered whenever the need for a high integrity feedthrough is required. Below is a rundown of the advantages and specification for epoxy vacuum feedthroughs:

Common Ways to Electrically Heat a Semiconductor Chuck - The Basics

A semiconductor wafer platform, know as a chuck, is used to support and hold in place (usually by means of applied vacuum), a silicon wafer. A chuck heater is used to uniformly and accurately distribute heat (and cooling) to a semiconductor wafer chuck.  This is done during the manufacturing, characterization, testing, and failure analysis of semiconductor wafers.

Semiconductor wafers contain many electronic devices or electronic circuits, known as dies. Each die has to be carefully tested through a range of temperatures. Precise and uniform temperature control is a requirement. The simplest, and most common way to apply heat (and cooling) is through a chuck incorporating an electric resistance heating element.