OEM and Replacement Heaters for Mass Spectrometers

Mini Clean Flow Heater
Mini Clean Flow Heater


A very compact, fast responding electric heating element for liquids and gases for all clean, bio-med, laboratory, food, and pharmaceutical applications.


Capillary Source Heater
Capillary Source Heater
The APCI (Atmospheric pressure chemical ionization) heater has a Resistance Temperature Detector (RTD) built into it.  The heater assembly has a .016” ID capillary tube in the center of the heater axis.  The maximum operating temperature is up to 400°C.  This assembly comes complete with the connector plug.

The APCI sample is typically dissolved in a solvent and pumped through a heated capillary.  Nitrogen gas is introduced, the gaseous solvent is heated up to 400°C and the sample is then ionized by corona discharge.


Flanged Gasline Heater
Flanged Gasline Heater
This heater assembly is used in the electron ionization in gas chromatography and mass spectrometry to ionize and fragment analyte molecules before mass spectrometric analysis and detection.

A typical electron ionization source exposes the analyte, under vacuum to a stream of thermionic electrons produced from a resistively heated-gas weldment assembly. Gas heated up to 450°C. Built-in thermocouple for precise temperature control is incorporated in the gas body assembly.


CeraWatt Ceramic Heater
CeraWatt Ceramic Heater
CeraWatt ceramic heating elements are composed of high temperature materials such as tungsten and alumina ceramic substrates. The metal heating resistance element is thick film technology. CeraWatt heaters provide excellent corrosion resistance, high operating temperature, long life, energy efficiency, uniform surface temperatures, and outstanding thermal conductivity.

Inline Gas Heaters: Precise Heat and Control without Contamination

Inline gas heaters are designed to heat clean gases or liquids without contaminating the stream. They provide exceptionally fast thermal response and high power densities in a compact package. The process fluid never comes in contact with the heating element directly, but instead, is shielded by a 316 stainless steel barrier. These heaters, often customized to suit a particular requirement, are available in a wide range of wattages and voltages. They are capable of high temperatures and heat and cool very rapidly due to their low mass.
Inline Electric Gas Heater for Clean Fluids

The heating elements are isolated electrically and physically from the process media, protecting them from contaminants and providing long life. The gas flow passes through the heater housing and over an enclosed heated body. The process media is never exposed to the resistive heating element. Inlet and outlet connections also come in a variety of sizes and types including NPT, SAE, BSP and VCR.

  • Mass Spectrometers
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharma Analyzers
  • Lab Equipment
  • Semiconductor process