The Vertex Vacuum Feedthrough

Vertex Vacuum Feedthrough

High Vacuum Feedthrough for Tight Spaces

The new Vertex line of feedthroughs was born out of the necessity of making right-angle feedthroughs robust enough to handle the high vacuum requirements, voltage, amperage, pin dimensions, and challenging space constraints. BCE responded with the Vertex feedthrough.

The feedthrough utilizes precise beaded welds and multiple cure times of the BCE epoxy. After each cure, a vacuum leak test is performed to spec, ensuring feedthrough integrity. Chemical cleaning is BCE’s standard procedure for the Vertex.


  • Temperature up to 100°C operating temperature
  • 10 ¯⁹ CC/S or less He leak rate
  • Straight thread, BSPP, with Hex
  • 250V 4 Amp
  • 304 Stainless Steel Material
  • 5-Pin with a 90⁰angle

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