Sunrod Split Sheath Miniature Cartridge Heaters

Sunrod Split Sheath Miniature Cartridge Heaters
  • Small footprint, high heat
  • 1/8 inch and 4MM diameters
  • 3 - 240 volt operation
  • Hundreds of sizes In stock
  • Heaters as short as 1/2"
Sunrod split sheath cartridge heaters have a novel, innovative design that removes the failure points of conventional miniature heaters. The design includes a continuous resistor packed in maximum density insulation and welded to the heater connections. Lead wires exit through the insulation with a temperature rating of 500 degrees Fahrenheit. Insulation with a temperature rating of 900 degrees Fahrenheit is also available.


In contrast to typical cartridge heaters, which have cold areas throughout their length and unheated sections at each end, Sunrods generate heat continuously for the whole length of the heater. The even heat dispersion of Sunrod ensures more uniform temperatures for your process. 

Sunrods have a unique hot tip that allows you to reach any part of your operation that requires heat. 

When activated, the split sheath design of SunRod forces its opposing legs to extend into contact with the surrounding bore for optimal heat transfer resulting in reduced operating temperature and an extended operating - by up to five times! 

SunRod elements contract when de-energized, breaking contact with the bore and allowing slide-out removal. SunRods are never going to seize! 

You may now apply heat whenever you want! Drill a small bore to the area that requires heating and insert a hot tip SunRod.

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