BCE Heaters, Feedthroughs, and Control Consoles

At BCE, we understand the need for precision and reliability in industrial applications. That's why our vacuum feedthroughs, electric heating elements, and con are designed to meet the highest standards. 

BCE’s electric heating elements provide consistent, controllable heat distribution essential for critical thermal processes. 

Our vacuum feedthroughs ensure tight connections, preventing leaks and maintaining vacuum integrity. BCE Control Consoles work well with all custom heater assemblies and are quality-built, self-contained systems for monitoring and controlling process temperatures in a wide range of fixed or portable applications. 

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The BCE SSR 480 Volt, 3 Phase Temperature Control Panel

The BCE SSR 480 Volt, 3 Phase Temperature Control Panel

A high-performance solution for precision temperature management in a variety of industrial applications.

Our BCE Controller Console is the ideal companion for custom heater assemblies, including the Larger Clean Flow Heater. Designed for wall mounting, this self-contained system boasts robust construction and is engineered to effortlessly monitor and control process temperatures in diverse fixed setups.

Key features of this 1-zone unit include reliable next-generation 1/16 DIN auto-tuning temperature controllers with fuzzy logic and PID control, ensuring optimal temperature regulation with user-friendly programming.

Key Specifications:
  • Controller Compatibility: BEC-9100, or BEC-9300 Temp Controller
  • Sensor Type: Supports type K or J
  • Power: 480V, 3-phase, Solid State, with a maximum load of 30 amps (25KW)
  • Sub-Circuit: 1 sub-circuit designed for suggested customer applications
  • Fusing: Class J, 40 amps fast-acting fuses for enhanced safety
  • Compact Dimensions: Approximately 14.0"; x 12.0" x 6.0"
  • BCE Part Number: BCE11376
  • Safety Certified: cULus listed marking required (USL/CNL)
Invest in the BCE 480Volt, 3-phase Temperature Control Console to elevate your temperature control processes with confidence and precision. Whether you're in industrial, manufacturing, or research settings, this console offers the reliability and versatility you need for top-notch temperature management.

BCE Mfg.
21060 Corsair Blvd. Hayward, CA 94545

Large Capacity Clean Flow Heater from BCE

A compact, fast responding electric heating element for liquids and gases for all clean, fuel cell, bio-med, laboratory, food, and pharmaceutical applications.

- Parts cleaning
- Critical fluid heating
- Solvent replacement
- Biomass extraction
- Bio reclamation
- Semiconductor processing equipment
- Photoresist material

The MCF heaters can be used to heat media in-line with the process flow. The heater is cleaned with IPA and rinsed with DI water and then passivated. This process minimizes contamination of the media being heated. For liquids, the max outlet temperature is driven by the liquid media, for gases the max outlet can be 800°C. The internal element in most cases comes with a built-in thermocouple (K or J), which will monitor the heater and the media temperature. BCE prefers grounded junctions, meaning grounded to the sheath of the internal heater. By having this configuration, the heating element is in direct contact with the media, hence maximum efficiency.

The MCF-Stream was designed in such a way that the delta-T between the ni-chrome internal element and the sheath of the heater is at a minimum. By keeping the delta-T to a minimum the life of the element will be optimal for most applications.

21060 Corsair Blvd. Hayward, CA 94545

BCE Hi Temperature Puck Heater - 200mm

BCE Hi Temperature Puck Heater - 200mm


Industrial & semiconductor applications require high heat in a centralized location. BCE designed a heater platen with the goal of 900⁰C operation, fast ramp & soak of at least 800⁰C. When tested in our BCE Lab in Hayward California, we were able to push this heater further and achieved upwards of 1,050°C

Ramp Time:
  • Test#1 23°C to 800°C, 29 Min. (without Insulation)
  • Test#2 23°C to 800°C, 13 Min. (with 2" Insulation)
  • Test#3 23°C to 900°C, 17 Min. (with 2” Insulation)
  • Test#4 23°C to 950°C, 18 Min. (with 2” Insulation)
  • Test#5 23°C to 1,000°C,19 Min. (with 2” Insulation)

Temp. Uniformity:

After the heater stabilized from 800⁰C to 950⁰C, the surface thermocouple on the edge to the internal thermocouple (approximately 180⁰ away), there was a 1% to 2% delta.

  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel with Inconel Heat Source
  • Stainless Steel CF or KF flanges of various sizes, with heat sink near heater outlet
  • 200mm Ø x 0.50” Thick
  • Vacuum, He Leak Test available
  • 700VDC, Hi-pot, 1mA current leakage
  • 5mΩ @ 500VDC prior to shipping


Ramped heater from 23°C to 1,000°C in 19 min. under 2” thick ceramic fiber insulation. The heater was held at this temperature for 1 hour, and it intermittently hit 1,050°C.

This video shows a test in atmosphere with no insulation which is less efficient but more interesting to look at.

BCE does not recommend operation above 900C as this can drastically impact the life of the assembly. Furthermore, high-temperature operations should be in a vacuum/oxygen-free environment, and use of insulation is advised.

BCE Mfg.
21060 Corsair Blvd. Hayward, CA 94545

Season's Greetings and Happy New Year!

Season's Greetings and Happy New Year!

Advancing Semiconductor Technology with BCE's Vented Hole Heater Chuck

Advancing Semiconductor Technology with BCE's Vented Hole Heater Chuck

Securing Your Wafers: BCE's Vented Hole Heater Chuck

When it comes to semiconductor manufacturing, precision and reliability are non-negotiable. That's why BCE's Vented Hole Heater Chuck plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of your processes. Let's dive into the key benefits that this innovative product offers:

Unwavering Wafer Stability

In the intricate world of semiconductor processing, wafers are subject to various steps and maneuvers. To maintain the utmost precision and consistency, wafers must stay firmly in place. Our Vented Hole Heater Chuck employs vacuum holes that generate a powerful suction force, keeping your wafer securely affixed to the chuck's surface. This means no more worries about unwanted movement or misalignment during processing, translating to precise, reliable results every time.

Eliminating Air and Gas Imperfections

Wafer surfaces and chucks, while engineered with the utmost care, may not always be perfectly flat or smooth. Microscopic imperfections, particles, or trapped air between the wafer and the chuck can spell trouble for the quality of your processes. BCE's Vented Hole Heater Chuck comes to the rescue by providing a channel for the escape of trapped air and gas. This ensures optimal contact between the wafer and the chuck, enhancing adhesion and minimizing any reduction in quality.

Optimized Heat Transfer

In critical processes such as wafer bonding and thin-film deposition, precise temperature control is paramount. The Vented Hole Heater Chuck excels in this regard as well. By ensuring improved and uniform contact between the wafer and the chuck, it facilitates efficient heat transfer. This is a fundamental requirement for semiconductor processes, where temperature control can make or break your desired outcome.

Defying Contaminants

The Vented Hole Heater Chuck doesn't stop at just securing your wafer; it also takes an active stance against contaminants. In semiconductor environments, even the tiniest particles, like dust or debris, can compromise the end product. Our vented vacuum holes act as a barrier, preventing the entrapment of such contaminants between the wafer and the chuck. This significantly boosts the cleanliness of your process, reducing the risk of defects or contamination on the wafer's surface.

BCE's Vented Hole Heater Chuck is your trusted partner in the semiconductor industry, offering rock-solid stability, impeccable heat transfer, and stringent contamination prevention. With this 4" wafer heater chuck, you can maintain a secure connection between your wafer and the chuck while ensuring the removal of air and gas, all in the pursuit of top-tier precision and quality. In the world of semiconductor manufacturing, this level of precision and cleanliness is the bedrock for producing high-quality devices that meet and exceed industry standards. Trust in BCE's Vented Hole Heater Chuck to elevate your semiconductor processes to the next level of excellence.

21060 Corsair Blvd. Hayward, CA 94545

Precision Electric Heaters, Thermal Solutions, and Vacuum Feedthroughs

In the fast-paced world of high-tech industries, one-size-fits-all is a myth. BCE understands this. That's why we specialize in custom electric heaters, thermal solutions, and vacuum feedthroughs, meticulously designed to meet the exacting demands of the semiconductor, space, aerospace, packaging, analytical instrument, and medical instrument industries. BCE's custom vacuum feedthroughs ensure pristine, uncompromised connections, anchoring your operations in reliability.

Aerospace & Space, Semiconductor, Analytical & Medical Instruments, Packaging Industry

Pushing the boundaries of exploration demands tools that can withstand the challenges. BCE's products are engineered to perfection, ensuring they function seamlessly even in the harshest conditions of outer space. In industries where micrometers make a difference, BCE delivers. Our custom electric heaters and vacuum feedthroughs are at the heart of groundbreaking discoveries. From rockets to semiconductor machines to medical instruments to packaging, we design products that enhance efficiency, speed, and reliability, ensuring your packaging operations run like a well-oiled machine.

Specialized Heater and Feedthrough Solutions

Our prowess in serving diverse industries is a testament to BCE Mfg. 's engineering brilliance and commitment to innovation. Our solutions aren't just products but enablers - paving the way for advancements, discoveries, and progress.

Your Challenge. Our Solution. Let's innovate together.