Mini Clean Flow (MCF) Air Heater – Three Phase

Mini Clean Flow (MCF) – Three Phase


The application requirement was a 2” Stainless Steel heater capable of 120 CFM with a 250⁰C outlet temperature.  The inlet temperature was ambient air.  The heater required two Conflat Flanges (CF2.75), which could be used in a parallel flow configuration at the customer site.  The heater needed to be air tight.    


MCF – Three Phase:
  • 250⁰C @ 120CFM using (2) units in a parallel flow pattern
  • Stainless steel 304, all wetted parts 
  • Pressure tested to 90 PSI (or equivalent 5 x 10 ¯⁴ ATM, cc/sec or better)  
  • 3-phase with three heated zones 
  • (3) independent internal type “K” thermocouples for each zone 
  • 11KW (± 10%) , 240 Volt, 3-phase (or 1-phase optional) 
  • 36” Lead wires for each zone with 12” wire braid for strain relief
  • 304SS CF 2.75 inlet and outlet flange   
  • Medium being heated: Air, ambient  
  • He Leak Tested = 5 x 10¯⁴ ATM, CC/sec or better 


The heater was laser welded on the flanges and brazed on the heater zones.  The heater helium leak test passed up to 1 x 10 ¯⁸ cc/sec in during the testing phase.  There were no problems heating ambient air at 2.5CFM to 200°C during the live power test at BCE.  The part was cleaned and passed the required 700 Volt DC Hi-pot test for 5 seconds @ 0.5mA.