Rapid Response Electric Heaters Designed for Clean Gases and Liquids

Mini Clean Flow Heater
Mini Clean Flow Heater
In advanced technologies such as analytical, biomedical, pharmaceutical, aerospace, electronics and laboratory applications, special purpose electric heating elements are required for heating high purity fluids and gases. These applications require rugged design, fast heat-up, tight control, high temperatures and the ability to withstand exposure to harsh solvents and corrosive gases. They also must be constructed in a way to prevent contamination of the process media.

The use of standard screw plug immersions heaters, screwed into a stainless steel welded vessels (known as circulation heaters) are almost always a misapplication for these unique requirements. Circulation heaters create more problems due to leaks, material compatibility, poor controllability, and bulky size.

BCE, a northern Californian manufacturer of custom heating elements offers it's Mini Clean Flow Heater specifically for these applications. These heaters are designed for heating "clean" liquids and gases normally found in fuel cell, bio-med, laboratory, food, semiconductor and pharmaceutical applications.

The Mini Clean Flow Heater operates in a liquid or gas stream providing very fast response times and accurate control capability.

The heating elements in the Mini Clean Flow Heater are isolated electrically from the process media, protecting them from contaminants and providing long life.

  • Designed for heating of clean gases or liquids
  • Gas flow passes over an enclosed heated body; not exposed to resistive elements (Nichrome)
  • All parts exposed to gas flow are constructed of 304 stainless (other material available)
  • High temperatures
  • Custom wattages, voltages, inlet and outlet fittings (NPT, SAE, BSP &VCR) are available.
  • Made in U.S.A.

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