Vacuum Thermowell and Heater Assembly Simultaneously Heats and Monitors Semiconductor Wafer's Temperature

BTU requirement and temperature control are critical in the fabrication of silicon wafers in the semiconductor industry. Seldom can a product provide both a thermally effective means to heat wafers and simultaneously monitor their respective temperature. BCE’s Vacuum Thermowell and Heater Assembly achieves both of these criteria. Its aluminum thermowell houses a cartridge heater capable of supplying uniform heat, which can be monitored through an embedded thermocouple.

Furthermore, a flange at the end of the thermowell allows for easy installation into any vacuum port and provides an effective seal via its dovetail O-ring groove. An aluminum construction further ensures that the entire assembly remains lightweight and inexpensive to machine, reducing overall product cost. Moreover, multiple RTDs are hermetically sealed into the thermowell to allow for precise temperature monitoring of wafers and other components while maintaining vacuum integrity. They can be positioned and designed for any application, as can the thermowell. In order to prevent any outgassing and minimize release of contaminants into the chamber, the RTDs are sealed using BCE’s proprietary epoxy meeting NASA’s low outgassing spec and are available with Kapton leads.

Check out the BCE Vacuum Thermowell & Heater Assembly web page for more detail.