Experience is Key When Applying Custom Electric Heating Elements

Electric Heater Design Expert
Heater design expertise is
readily available from your
Technical Sales Rep
Designing and applying custom electric heating elements are best completed and accomplished through the proper application of the right resources. One of the most available and important sources of high level technical knowledge is a vendor's local Technical Sales Rep. Their assistance is readily available and their consultative value is very high.  Bringing in a Technical Sales Rep will have a big bearing on a successful task or project completion.

Many Technical Sales Reps are degreed engineers. If they don't have an engineering degree, you'll find they have years of empirical application knowledge from working on many, many projects. You'll also find that many have worked at manufacturer's factories and know the in's and out's of production as well as anyone.

Consider these elements the Technical Sales Rep brings to your thermal system design project:

Custom heating element
Watt densities? Thermal profiles?
Distributed wattage?
There's a lot to know.
Product and Application Knowledge: Your Technical Sales Rep has probably seen hundreds, if not thousands, of custom heating requirements. They deliver a mental encyclopedia of product offerings, application insights, and broad spectrum of capabilities. They also have information regarding what products are in development that can give you the competitive edge. Much of this information resides in the Reps head, and is not generally accessible to the public via the Internet.

Experience: As a project engineer, the selection and incorporation of a new heater design may be all new to you. You may be treading on fresh ground with little or no experience in the nuance of electric heaters. There can be real benefit in connecting to a knowledgeable source, with years of past design and application experience, that will save you time, money, and effort.

Access: Technical Sales Reps work closely with a variety of manufacturers, and may even have in-house prototyping or manufacturing capabilities at their own companies. This gives you, the design engineer, a connection to “behind the scenes” manufacturer contacts with essential information not publicly available. The technical sales rep knows people, and makes it his/her business to know the people that can provide answers to your electric heating and custom thermal system application questions.

So, in this age of doing your own research and self-educating on the Internet, let's not forget the importance of a face-to-face visit with someone who can really help - your Technical Sales Rep. You'll be very pleased with the information they can provide to make your job easier and the quality of your product better.

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