Thermocouple Basics - Wire Type, Connectors, Construction

Industrial thermocouples, as the temperature sensor in a thermal system, are explained in the video below.

Seebeck Effect
Seebeck Effect
(image courtesy of Wikipedia)
Thermocouple "Types", based upon standardized color designations is discussed, as well as thermocouple connectors, polarity and some aspects of construction (such as grounded vs. ungrounded vs. open tip).

Thermocouples are a fairly accurate, economic temperature sensor used in many industrial applications. They operate on the "Seebeck Effect" which is the phenomena of dissimilar metal conductors producing a measurable voltage difference between two substances.

Thermocouples are used widely in industrial thermal system design in industries such as power generation, primary metals, pulp and paper, petro-chemical, and OEM equipment.

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