Refractory Metallization

refractory metallization
Fabricated by refractory metallization
High-temperature refractory metallization is the only solution for some packaging applications. Tungsten and Moly-Manganese metallizations have higher adhesion to the substrate than thick-film metallization. This makes it the ideal process for hermetic packages, brazed lead frames and packages requiring high operating temperatures. These metals can be screen printed, sprayed or hand-painted onto alumina oxide or beryllium oxide substrates. Patterns can be plated with gold and nickel or gold alone. Once gold plated, these surfaces are solder-able and wire bond-able with aluminum or gold wire.

Batch furnaces are ideal for accurate brazing of small quantities and large. Kovar, stainless steel, copper and copper/tungsten as well as many other metals can be brazed to metallized ceramic. When the application requires, step brazing can be performed to combine several sub-assemblies into the final product.

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