BCE Hi Temperature Puck Heater - 200mm

BCE Hi Temperature Puck Heater - 200mm


Industrial & semiconductor applications require high heat in a centralized location. BCE designed a heater platen with the goal of 900⁰C operation, fast ramp & soak of at least 800⁰C. When tested in our BCE Lab in Hayward California, we were able to push this heater further and achieved upwards of 1,050°C

Ramp Time:
  • Test#1 23°C to 800°C, 29 Min. (without Insulation)
  • Test#2 23°C to 800°C, 13 Min. (with 2" Insulation)
  • Test#3 23°C to 900°C, 17 Min. (with 2” Insulation)
  • Test#4 23°C to 950°C, 18 Min. (with 2” Insulation)
  • Test#5 23°C to 1,000°C,19 Min. (with 2” Insulation)

Temp. Uniformity:

After the heater stabilized from 800⁰C to 950⁰C, the surface thermocouple on the edge to the internal thermocouple (approximately 180⁰ away), there was a 1% to 2% delta.

  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel with Inconel Heat Source
  • Stainless Steel CF or KF flanges of various sizes, with heat sink near heater outlet
  • 200mm Ø x 0.50” Thick
  • Vacuum, He Leak Test available
  • 700VDC, Hi-pot, 1mA current leakage
  • 5mΩ @ 500VDC prior to shipping


Ramped heater from 23°C to 1,000°C in 19 min. under 2” thick ceramic fiber insulation. The heater was held at this temperature for 1 hour, and it intermittently hit 1,050°C.

This video shows a test in atmosphere with no insulation which is less efficient but more interesting to look at.

BCE does not recommend operation above 900C as this can drastically impact the life of the assembly. Furthermore, high-temperature operations should be in a vacuum/oxygen-free environment, and use of insulation is advised.

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