Large Capacity Clean Flow Heater from BCE

A compact, fast responding electric heating element for liquids and gases for all clean, fuel cell, bio-med, laboratory, food, and pharmaceutical applications.

- Parts cleaning
- Critical fluid heating
- Solvent replacement
- Biomass extraction
- Bio reclamation
- Semiconductor processing equipment
- Photoresist material

The MCF heaters can be used to heat media in-line with the process flow. The heater is cleaned with IPA and rinsed with DI water and then passivated. This process minimizes contamination of the media being heated. For liquids, the max outlet temperature is driven by the liquid media, for gases the max outlet can be 800°C. The internal element in most cases comes with a built-in thermocouple (K or J), which will monitor the heater and the media temperature. BCE prefers grounded junctions, meaning grounded to the sheath of the internal heater. By having this configuration, the heating element is in direct contact with the media, hence maximum efficiency.

The MCF-Stream was designed in such a way that the delta-T between the ni-chrome internal element and the sheath of the heater is at a minimum. By keeping the delta-T to a minimum the life of the element will be optimal for most applications.

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