BCE Cartridge Heaters


BCE Cartridge Heaters

BCE manufactures a wide range of cartridge heaters for a variety of industrial applications, and can provide you with heaters manufactured to your exact specifications. Cartridge heater size, sheath, leads, terminals, wattage and voltage can all be adapted to meet your exact needs.

Low to Medium Watt Density Cartridge Heaters

BCE precision cartridge heaters provided localized heat to restricted work areas requiring close thermal control. Dies, platens, and a variety of other types of processing equipment are efficiently heated and can be closely controlled. Part work temperatures of up to 1250ºF are obtained by a combination of heater location and proper wattage output. Basic heater designs are readily adaptable to a wide variety of special requirements, sizes, or ratings. Heating element wires are constructed just beneath outside surface for optimum heat transfer and minimum core temperature, resulting in faster part heating.

The maximum power densities for low to medium watt density cartridge heaters is computed at 60 watts per square inch of heated surface. With proper fit in a heat sink, long life can be expected. Consult BCE for higher watt density applications. Lower watt density will result in longer life. Standard voltages are either 120V or 240V. Other voltages are available.

High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters

The useful life of a Cartridge heating element is determined by how quickly the heat generated in the internal resistance wire can be dissipated to the outside sheath. BCE high watt density cartridge heaters are design and constructed in a way that accelerates the transfer of heat from the resistance wire to the sheath. This is accomplished by relocating the wire so that it is closer to the sheath; and swaging the outside diameter of the heater, thereby compressing the magnesium oxide filler so that it becomes an improved conductor of heat from the wire while maintaining its dielectric properties. By improving the heat transfer rate, it is possible to manufacture elements of higher densities because the differential between the wire temperature and the sheath temperature has been minimized.

Common applications for high watt density cartridge heaters are dies, heat sealing machines, hot melt adhesive equipment, plastic molding machines, platens, and shoe machinery.

Optimizing Performance and Operating Life of High Watt Density Cartridge Heaters

Cartridge Heater Fit

High watt density heaters require careful fit to insure optimum performance and long life.  BCE recommends that installation holes not be drilled and reamed over .002” or larger than the nominal hole size required. 

Cartridge Heater Cycling

Rapid cycling of heaters from very low to very high temperatures shortens their life considerably. It is recommended therefore, that care be taken to compute the correct wattage for any given installation. Optimum wattage should result in a 50/50 off/on cycle.

Location of temperature Sensor and Cartridge Heater

When thermostats are used, the sensing element ought not to be placed further than 1⁄2" away from the heater wherever possible.

For more information about cartridge heaters, call BCE at 510-274-1990 or visit their website at https://bcemfg.com.