New Vacuum Feedthrough Product Designer from BCE

Vacuum Feedthrough Product Designer

BCE, a California based manufacturer of high quality electric heating components and vacuum feedthroughs, is now offering a vacuum feedthrough product designing app on their website,

The app allows the visitor to select from an array of options and design their own vacuum feedthrough. Once the design is complete, the visitor can request pricing and delivery from BCE automatically though an integrated email messaging system. The visitor also receives a confirmation of their request.

The vacuum feedthrough designer is the third in a series of online BCE product configuration tools. The three currently available are for cartridge heaters, BCE's Mini Clean Flow air and gas heaters, and now for vacuum feedthroughs.

You can check them out here -

BCE designs and manufactures custom electric heating thermal systems, electrical feedthroughs, pneumatic feedthroughs, and fiber optic feedthroughs. You can learn more about BCE at, or if you have an immediate need, call them at 510-274-1990.