Electric Heating Element in Thermowell for Vacuum Applications, with Feedthrough and Multiple Thermocouple Sensors

High-Temp Vacuum Thermowell
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BCE has designed a high temperature electric heating elements with thermowell, type K thermocouples, and the vacuum feedthrough all in one package. Referred to as the "High-Temp Vacuum Thermowell Assembly", it provides researchers and vacuum equipment OEMs a robust, laser-welded design integrating heating element, vacuum feedthrough, and multiple type K thermocouples.

The thermocouples can be easily mounted to any part in a vacuum chamber by the means of shims with mounting holes. Furthermore, they can be positioned with ease due to integrated compression fittings, which also allow for easy replacement of the thermocouples should the need arise.

A 304 Stainless Steel flange achieves a vacuum tight seal into any vacuum or degassing chamber port and there is virtually no outgassing, enhancing performance in high-vacuum environments.

Finally, a cartridge heater embedded inside an Aluminum 6061 thermowell allows for uniform and efficient heating of the chamber.

Scientists, researchers and engineers can all benefit from this high vacuum, barrier-breaking design.

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