Aluminum Nitride Heating Elements

AlN ceramic heaters
Aluminum nitride (AlN), a new generation of ceramic material, exhibits excellent performance for temperature, corrosion resistance, stability, high strength, and hardness. With the introduction of this new material to world of electric resistance heating element technology, AlN ceramic heaters are creating a good deal of excitement for equipment designers. AIN is opening new opportunities in power densities, space savings, and material compatibility.

Because they are capable of achieving up to 2000 watts per square inch, and operating temperatures of up to 1000 deg. C, AIN heaters show great promise for semiconductor processing applications such as crucible heating, fluid and gas handling and chemical vapor deposition. Able to operate in atmospheric and vacuum environments with excellent thermal efficiency, AIN heaters can also be designed with a multi-layer construction.

AIN heaters are ideal for applications that require very high watt density, and are an attractive alternative to traditional metal sheathed heaters that have limitations in thermal performance, material compatibility, fatigue, outgassing and thermal lag. AIN heaters are also resistant to most chemicals, acids and alkaline solutions.

These compact, robust heaters are an ideal solution for demanding thermal applications. Ceramic heaters can be custom designed to optimize thermal performance for the applications and RTD sensors can be deposited right on the ceramic heater itself for optimum control.

The most promising opportunities for AIN heaters exist in analytical instruments, semiconductor and medical equipment where high power densities, fast response, low mass, and corrosion resistance are often needed.

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