Doser Purging System Heating Element

Doser Purging System Heating Element
Doser Purging System
Heating Element
Gaseous nitrogen is used in the food and beverage industry to remove oxygen from products, thus increasing shelf life. The handling of liquid nitrogen through the piping and the injection systems that deliver the "nitrogen dose" into food and beverage containers presents unique challenges.

For food & beverage producers, lost production is calculated in downtime. Moisture and freeze-ups are the main contributor to downtime with production line gas dosing systems.  It takes only a very small amount of moisture to freeze up and stop equipment. It’s imperative maintaining reliable and productive dosing process and overcome moisture and frost contamination. The start-up and shut-down times for the dosing systems are another critical area for production efficiency when you consider many dosing systems requiring thaw periods of up to 24 hours.

BCE is pioneering the design of an electric heating element used in purging systems for nitrogen dosers. Heated purging systems remove moisture that migrates into the dosing system and cause freeze-ups, leading to poor operation or complete shut downs of the dosing system.

The purge heater is designed to heat a dry nitrogen gas supply to approximately 125 degrees F., which in turn, is piped to the doser system as an accelerant to thaw and dry the unit very rapidly. Depending on the dosing system, the net effect of using a purge heater is dramatic, with thawing and drying times reduced by 75%.

Key Benefits of Using an Electric Purge Heater
  • Better, more efficient control over moisture. 
  • 75% reduction in purge time. 
  • 66% reduction in start-up time. 
  • Cost savings from using less gas due to shorter purge times.