BCE PCB Mounted Epoxy Vacuum Feedthroughs

BCE is a leading manufacturer of printed circuit board mounted vacuum feedthroughs.

New epoxy compounds have been developed that rival glass and ceramic in performance. BCE is at the forefront of this development and leverages modern epoxy's unique properties to solve your feedthrough challenges.

  • Custom shapes, angles and conductors no problem.
  • Run wires (and shielding), pneumatic tubing, or fiber-optic cables.
  • Cost effective compared to glass and ceramic.
  • Short runs and prototypes available quickly.
  • Meets NASA specs on outgassing.
  • Clear epoxy allows for visual inspection.
  • Mounting directly to printed circuit boards and flex-circuits.
  • Eliminates voltage drop or contact resistance.
Visit http://www.belilove.com/feedthroughs for more information.