Epoxy Vacuum Feedthroughs for Electrical and Fiber Optic Applications

epoxy vacuum feedthroughs
Epoxy vacuum feedthroughs
provide faster prototyping and
meet customer needs.
More and more OEMs and research facilities are turning to epoxy feedthroughs for their vacuum chamber challenges. New epoxies are available that rival glass and ceramic feedthroughs in performance. Faster prototyping, and lower short-run costs are making epoxy feedthroughs very attractive.

Ceramic and glass-to-metal feedthroughs typically are not available in the exact form required by scientific researchers and equipment manufacturers. There is a tendency to settle or accept off-the-shelf feedthroughs as a compromise, thinking that custom ceramic or glass feedthroughs in small quantities would break the bank, not to mention take forever to deliver. Not true.

epoxy feedthrough
Epoxy feedthrough
Today’s epoxy vacuum feedthroughs make prototyping and manufacturing easier, with higher production output and lower overall costs. Here are some of the features that make this true:
  • Custom conductors, angles, and shapes are not a problem
  • Prototype designs can be provided with fiber-optic cables, pneumatic tubing, and wires (with or without shielding)
  • Compared to ceramic or glass, custom epoxy feedthroughs are cost-effective
  • Feedthroughs comply with NASA outgassing specs
  • Visual inspection is possible because of the clear epoxy used
  • The feedthroughs can be mounted directly to flex-circuits and printed circuit boards
  • Tighter specification can be achieved because contact resistance and voltage drop is eliminated

Epoxy vacuum feedthroughs come custom built to your unique specifications and ensure your equipment performs to the level you specify, so it's important to work with an experienced, capable manufacturer of epoxy feedthroughs. In today’s ultra-competitive marketplace, working with the right partner can mean the difference between success and failure. Manufacturer’s are constantly looking smaller, more compact parts, with faster deliveries and lower costs. Pick a vendor for your vacuum feedthroughs that understands this and has the in-house technology and processes to keep you ahead of the curve.

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