High Purity Fluid Electric Heaters

custom electric gas heater
Transfer Line
Heater Assembly
In many biomedical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, electronics or R&D laboratory applications, special purpose electric heaters are required for heating high purity fluids. These heaters typically must be ruggedly designed, made from materials immune to process contamination and be vacuum tight. They can be subject to high temperatures, harsh solvents, and corrosive gases. Many times they must maintain a seal for full vacuum, demonstrate a unique or even heating profile and be able to be closely controlled.

The misapplication of screw plug immersion heaters, screwed into a stainless steel welded vessel, offer more problems than solutions due to leaks, material compatibility, poor controllability, and bulky size.

custom electric fluid heater
Transfer line
heater assembly
The answer is in a custom high purity fluid heater designed with the process in mind.

Custom electric heating elements are available designed to handle high vacuum, high temperatures, utilize glass liners for ultra-pure gases, offer 316 stainless steel parts, provide internal RTDs for control and can be temperature profiled.

General Specs for these types of custom fluid heaters are:

  • Variety of voltages.
  • Wide range of watt densities.
  • Temperatures up to 350°C.
  • Heater length can be profiled to generate a liner temperature profile.
  • Vacuum compatible up to 1.0 x 10-8  STD. CC/SEC Helium.
  • Can be provided with internal sensors (RTD or thermocouples).
  • Can be glass lined for ultra pure gas application.

Careful review of the application is important and the help of an experienced application engineer is required, but the outcome of the test, process or product will be infinitely improved.