Custom-Fabricated, Mass Flow Controller (MFC) Flow Validation Cart Allows for Easy Servicing, Reduced Downtime, and Reduced Inventory

The process of calibrating, servicing and troubleshooting mass flow controllers is a time consuming and expensive endeavor. The typical scenario requires stopping the process and removing the MFC for accuracy checks. The downtime and labor required is very costly, and the advantages for in-situ (without removing it from the process) flow accuracy checks and troubleshooting is quite clear.

An innovative approach for in-place accuracy checks has been developed by Belilove Company. Their solution is a mobile station that includes multiple thermal mass flow meters connected via RS-485, power supplies, software and all the necessary plumbing.

The cart is used to regularly check and verify the accuracy of installed MFC’s, while keeping the devices installed in the system.  This substantially reduces the downtime and the expense related to removing devices for troubleshooting and accuracy checks.

The stand-alone cart includes:
  • (6) Digital Thermal Mass Flow Meters (MFM’s) connected via RS-485 multi-drop cable.  Each meter contains several individual gas/flow calibrations to provide the equivalent of (17) different gas/flow ranges available for the user to select. 
  • (1) Power Supply/Network Controller
  • Welded & Mounted Assembly
  • Software, Cables, Tubing, Hoses, Fittings and  Accessories
The use of this cart is intended to replace the current method of removing the mass flow controller from the line. Verifying operation and accuracy of an MFC while inline provides the following benefits:
  • No additional cost of evaluating/calibrating/servicing the device using an outside party.
  • Avoid the cost of the expensive downtime.
  • Fewer spares required because of removing devices less often.
For more information on in-situ MFC validation contact Belilove at (510) 274-1990 or