Vacuum Heater Platens

Vacuum Heater Platens

Vacuum heater platens, also known as vacuum heating plates or vacuum hot plates, are heating devices used in various industries for temperature-controlled processing, such as in semiconductor, aerospace, and composite material manufacturing. These devices combine a heating element with a vacuum system to create a controlled environment for processing materials.

Vacuum heater platens typically contain a flat metal plate with integrated heating elements and a vacuum system. The heating elements provide uniform temperature distribution across the surface of the platen, while the vacuum system creates a sealed environment that can maintain specific pressure levels.

These heaters are used for applications that require precise temperature control and a vacuum environment, such as:

  1. Semiconductor manufacturing: Vacuum heater platens are used to heat wafers during various processing stages to ensure uniform temperature distribution and prevent contamination from particles in the air.
  2. Composite material manufacturing: Vacuum heater platens are used in the curing process of composite materials, providing uniform temperature and pressure, which is crucial for achieving optimal material properties.
  3. Aerospace industry: Vacuum heater platens are used for bonding and curing processes of various components, such as carbon fiber composites, in aircraft and spacecraft manufacturing.

Vacuum heater platens help improve product quality and reliability by providing a controlled environment for temperature-sensitive processes.


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