Environmentally Friendly Mini Clean Flow Heater Replaces Gas Burner System

Mini Clean Flow Heater


The application involved using environmentally friendly electric heat replacing a gas burner type system.  The engineering request was to conform to a direct replacement 3” stainless tubing while utilizing BCE’s Mini Clean Flow In-line design.  The challenge was building the right inlet and outlet fittings in-line for a seamless change in the air heating process (gas to electric).  Electrically isolated elements in the air stream were required with a high temperature thermocouple assembly near the outlet.


Mini Clean Flow – Hi Wattage needed to satisfy the following:
  • Temperature 482°C to 648°C
  • Internal element must be able to withstand temperature <750°C and be electrically isolated
  • 3” outside diameter, no insulation 
  • A sanitary fitting on the inlet with an NPT on the outlet
  • A cold section on the heat source was required with fiberglass leads  
  • 304 stainless steel material on the heat source and vessel 
  • Type “J” Thermocouple able to withstand high temp at the outlet  
  • 480Volt, 7,000Watt (+/-10%)  


BCE produced a highly effective Mini Clean Flow heater meeting the delta “T” requirements during the final testing.  We were able to pressure test the part to 90PSI @ 20⁰C-25⁰ without any visible leaks in the weld or braze joints.    A thorough quality inspection was completed on the heater source with final cleaning using isopropyl alcohol and dry air. 

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