120-volt Socket Vacuum Feedthroughs

120-volt Socket Vacuum Feedthroughs

Vacuum equipment usually requires transferring electrical currents, voltages, and signals or fluids through the equipment walls. BCE provides a wide range of feedthroughs that serve as solutions to various requirements for vacuum equipment installations.

One unique design is the 120-volt Socket Feedthrough. It's designed to replace bulky power wiring and reduce clutter located in and around a vacuum chamber.  A three-slot single female receptacle precisely fitted into an adapter with a KF50 flange or 1-1/4" NPT connection. This feedthrough is an optimal solution to reduce the size and increase efficiency. With this design, users can relocate the power system to the chamber's exterior, increasing the available space within the vacuum chamber while maintaining the desired vacuum rating.

BCE's epoxy chemical adhesion, the most robust mechanism of any adhesive bond, make the seal possible.  The viscoelastic nature of the epoxy absorbs vibrations and allows for a better performance by reducing fatigue.

BCE's innovative product is just what you need for a fast and easy 120-volt socket available on the other side of the vacuum wall. They provide a standard 120V, 15 amp socket for a quick, reusable connection. Custom configurations are available.