KF40 Flanged, 125 Volt, 15A Female-to-Female Socket Vacuum Feedthrough

KF40 Flanged FeedthroughBACKGROUND

A BCE customer needed to replace a bulky power system located within a chamber.  A custom KF40 three-slot single female receptacle feedthrough was the optimal solution to help reduce size and increase efficiency.


The KF40 Socket Feedthrough needed to satisfy the following criteria:
  • 80°C continuous operating temperature 
  • 125V and 15A
  • Female to female connection
  • Vacuum rating: 10-5
KF40 Flanged Feedthrough

BCE designed a simple yet effective unit using a custom elongated KF40 flange with two three-slot single female receptacles. The customer was able to relocate the power system to the outside chamber increasing the available space within the vacuum chamber while maintaining the desired vacuum rating.

BCE’s Epoxy chemical adhesion, the strongest mechanism of any adhesive bond, made the seal possible.  The viscoelastic nature of the epoxy absorbs vibrations and allows for a better performance by reducing fatigue.

Download the BCE Application Note here.