18 Wire Vacuum Feedthrough: Pioneering Advanced Methane Sensing Systems

18 Wire Vacuum Feedthrough
18 Wire Vacuum Feedthrough (BCE)
Domestic natural gas production from shale resources is proving to be more economical and environmentally sustainable for the United States. Unfortunately, part of this gas resource is lost through methane leaks, which is also a greenhouse gas detrimental to the environment. Thus, in order to increase the efficiency of this process, it is vital to monitor methane emissions to keep them at an absolute minimum. It is for this precise development that BCE was approached by a large American University requesting a feedthrough that would be used as part of an elaborate methane sensing device. The feedthrough needed to meet specific requirements in order to become an integral part of the existing assembly.

  • Cost effective design 
  • Brass body construction 
  • ½” BSPP Male Threads to mate feedthrough 
  • Hermetically sealed wires 
  • 16X 20AWG solid wires, Teflon insulated 
  • 2X 26AWG solid wires, Teflon insulated 
  • Limited outgassing 
  • 1’ wire length on vacuum side 
  • 1.5’ wire length on atmosphere side 
  • Vacuum Compatible to 10-9 atm.cc/sec 
  • All materials operable at 150°C 

BCE proposed its 18 wire vacuum feedthrough configuration for this specific application. All conductors were sealed into a brass bushing adapter with ½” BSPP mating male threads. Moreover, BCE’s proprietary black epoxy was used; meeting NASA ASTM E595 low outgassing standards to prevent contamination. The requested wire configuration was also respected and the feedthrough was tested to ensure its vacuum compatibility meeting customer demands. Furthermore, all requirements were met to ensure a seamless integration to the existing methane sensing device.