Heaters for Process Air and Gases

electric heaters for process air or gas streams
Examples of process air heaters
Courtesy Hotwatt
Many process applications require heating of an air or gas stream. There is a wide variety of electric heating units specifically designed for processing flowing streams of air or non-flammable gas.

The primay selection criteria for a process air heating unit should be the heating capacity or wattage. Determine the maximum flow rate, inlet and outlet temperatures, then apply a simple formula from the document included below to find the minimum watt rating for a heating unit. Outlet temperatures can range to 1000°F (540°C) and flow rates to 200 scfm. Custom units can accommodate applications beyond those limits.

The outlet temperature can be controlled in a number of ways. One is to regulate the power applied to the heater. This would be applicable to a process that required a constant or minimum air flow rate. If the flow rate can be varied, another method of temperature control is available. Maintaining constant power to the heater and varying the air flow rate can serve as a means of controlling the output temperature.

Various connection sizes and fittings can be included in the heater assembly design to accommodate its incorporation into a process equipment train. Share your process heating requirements and challenges with experienced application engineers, combining your own process knowledge with their product application expertise to develop effective solutions.