High Temperature Vacuum Feedthroughs

Thermocouple FeedthroughThermocouple/Feedthrough Assemblies

Thermocouple Feedthroughs are used in many vacuum applications for temperature measurement. Thermocouples create a voltage signal from inside the vacuum system to external measuring instruments. BCE offers several standard thermocouple feedthrough designs as well as custom designs to meet your exact needs.

Nine pin circular feedthroughs

9 Pin Vacuum Feedthroughs

Nine pin circular feedthroughs (often called instrumentation feedthroughs) are commonly used for the transmission of low power electrical signals. They are designed for applications where typical Subminiature Type-D connections will not fit, or where there is little space. The circular geometry allows the installation of this feedthrough into very small vacuum flanges. They are often used in instrumentation applications such as semiconductor processing, electron microscopy, and a variety of analyzers.

BCE designs and builds high temperature vacuum feedthroughs for OEM and R&D. Contact them by calling (510) 274-1990, or visit https://bcemfg.com/feedthroughs.