Intrinsic Safety for Hazardous Areas Explained

Intrinsic Safety Barriers are devices that limit power delivered from a safe area into a hazardous area. The possibility of an explosion is prevented, not merely contained (by a housing or a conduit). The total energy is maintained within safe limits, not electrical energy (voltage and current), eliminating an ignition from excessive heat. The use of an intrinsically safe design offer many cost and safety advantages.
  • Easy access to components - no time spent opening/closing explosion proof enclosures.
  • Safety assured due to low voltage system.
  • Use of standard wiring, cable runs, and light gauge cable.
  • Calibration and maintenance the same as if in a general purpose area.
  • No special hazardous area procedures for opening enclosures, area gas testing, or shut-down process.
  • Simple use of plug-in modules.
The document below provides an excellent explanation into Intrinsic Safety and goes far more in to the background, concepts, principles, and devices used in this approach to safety in hazardous areas.

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