Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Innovative Vacuum Feedthrough Design Helps Optimize Imaging For Deep Space Applications

BCE 550 feedthrough
BCE 550 Feedthrough
Used in a sophisticated imaging instrument, the heat generated by the instrument's PCB boards has to be dissipated using heat exchangers due to the sensitive nature of the part. The application required stranded insulated wires and low outgassing in an ultraclean environment.


The BCE 550 feedthrough needed to satisfy the following criteria:
  • 1 x 10E-9 cc/sec of he, vacuum leak check
  • CF, 4.50”, flange stainless steel
  • 150°C continuous operating temperature
  • Maximum operating temperature <200°C
  • Multiple colors and zones for 550 stranded wires
  • 100 megohm isolation at 500 VDC
  • Must meet NASA ASTM E595 low outgassing standard
  • All tests performed at room temperature

The BCE 550 FEEDTHROUGH proved to be the most optimal design for imaging deep space. The temperature and low outgassing of the BCE proprietary epoxy assured success when operating the instrument. BCE’s proprietary black epoxy meets NASA ASTM E595 and was essential in the application.

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