Friday, June 23, 2017

Flow and Pressure Instrument Product Guide for Biopharmaceutical and Life Science Applications

Producing biopharmaceuticals is one of the world’s most demanding manufacturing processes. Brooks Instrument’s mass flow and pressure control technology helps maximize cell culture yields and control bioprocess costs.

Brooks flow and pressure controllers set global standards for reliability, repeatability and long-term stability.

Efficient and long-lasting process control

Bioreactors need accurate, stable gas control to maintain critical process parameters, combined with maximum uptime to reach target yields. Brooks Instrument mass  ow controllers (MFCs) are engineered to deliver both, with superior long-term drift stability and the best mean-time- between-failures (MTBF) in the industry.

Ensuring accurate results

Accurate control is essential to bioreactor reliability and ef cient operation. Brooks Instrument MFCs deliver the absolute best actual process gas measurement and control accuracy. This starts with a superior design that delivers industry-leading device linearity, repeatability and reproducibility. Then we calibrate our devices on systems traceable to international standards, as well as calibrating on multiple gases (including CO2) to ensure you get the best possible accuracy.

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