Sunday, August 21, 2016

How Industrial Magnetic Level Indicators (MLIs) Work in Process Control Applications

Magnetically coupled liquid level indicators
Magnetically coupled liquid level indicators
with "flippers" (visual indication)
Courtesy of Orion Instruments.
Magnetically coupled liquid level indicators (MLIs) are in widespread use throughout today's process industries.

Originally designed as an alternative to site and gage glass devices, MLI’s are now commonly utilized in both new construction and plant expansions. Orion Instruments magnetic level indicators are precision engineered and manufactured to indicate liquid level accurately, reliably, and continuously.

As shown in the video below, a float designed for the specific gravity of the process liquid travels inside the MLI chamber tracking the rise and fall of the process media.

This float contains an internal magnetic assembly that couples with the external visual indicator. The individual “flags” or “flippers” rotate 180 degrees as the level rises and falls, indicating the position of the liquid inside the MLI, and therefore, indicating the level of the liquid in the vessel.

These units are completely sealed and require little to no periodic maintenance. MLI’s also eliminate fugitive emission and glass breakage concerns common with site and gage glasses.

To complement these products, Orion Instrument produces a complete range of level switches and transmitters to further expand the control and alarm capability of the MLI.

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