Friday, April 15, 2016

Water & Wastewater Storage, Processing Ups the Ante for Flow and Level Instruments

Increased public health standards for safe drinking water and water disposition are driving the need for next generation process improvement in water and wastewater treatment plants. So are stronger environmental regulations that require responsible energy management and reuse. Level and flow instrumentation must meet these demands and provide performance, quality, and reliability.

Its extremely important to choose a vendor with an extensive line-up of instrumentation, a reputation for quality and service, and one who can deliver a single source for level flow and volume measurement applications.  Every day, plant operators rely on these devices to perform accurately and reliably with their continuing mission of improving the efficiency, safety, and environmental impact on water treatment.

R82 Pulse Burst Radar
R82 Pulse Burst Radar
Among some of the more innovative devices available today is the Magnetrol R82 Pulse Burst Radar transmitter, an instrument that performs across a wide range of applications. The R82 is designed to provide radar reliable process measurement in challenging, vapor saturated environments at a cost that what you pay for an ultrasonic device.

For water treatment, the R82 Pulse Burst Radar transmitter provides continuous level measurement at the lift station, and coagulant feed tanks, in settling tanks during clarification, in polymer filter and lime slurry tanks during filtration, and for open atmosphere water reservoirs where the control technology must withstand punishing weather conditions.

In wastewater facilities, the R82 Pulse Burst Radar transmitter can control level at the lift station pump, open channel flow and screening system, monitor feed tanks containing chemical coagulants, oxidants, and phosphorus precipitation, measure splitter box in clarifier levels, control corrosion inhibitors, manage pH adjustment, mixed liquor and secondary clarifier levels, as well as activated sludge and digester level control.
Thermatel TA2 thermal dispersion mass flow meters
Thermatel TA2

Flow measurement plays a vital role in efficiently managing water quality processes and regulatory reporting protocol. Thermatel TA2 thermal dispersion mass flow meters offer outstanding accuracy and reliability, with the ability to maintain a strong signal at low flow rates and pressures over a wide operating flow range. The TA2 flow meters’ low flow sensitivity, wide temperature operation, and high turndown capabilities make it ideal for wastewater operations where it can manage efficient blower air flow to optimize the breakdown of waste and reduce blower costs, and it offers exceptional safety and accuracy for digester gas flow control.
Polaris electromagnetic flow meters
Polaris Electromagnetic
Flow meter

Polaris electromagnetic flow meters monitor flow to help maintain efficient operation. Polaris flow meters have current, pulse, and alarm outputs that are configurable through the display or a DTM. Forward and reverse flow rates are measurable with the capability of empty pipe detection. Closed pipe flow control is a widespread application for the Polaris flow meter throughout water treatment plants. In wastewater treatment facilities Polaris flow meters provide efficient water and sludge flow control.

Magnetrol is a perfect example of a vendor who offers a single source solution for treatment process excellence, with controls for virtually every application, including a comprehensive line of level transmitters and switches, as well as flow meters and switches. Partnering with manufacturers like Magnetrol make the plant operators job easier by providing rugged, reliable, and high quality instrumentation designed to meet the increasing demands of today’s water storage and processing requirements.