Friday, April 22, 2016

Industrial Level Controls for Hygienic Applications

hygienic level devices
Hygienic level controls
(courtesy of Magnetrol)
The value of the content in a mixing tank in the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food and beverage industries can be very hot. Therefore it is of utmost importance that these goods are well guarded, and the level or volume in the tank is precisely measured. Combining two or more of the following technologies provides a highly safe mixing environment.

Using guided wave radar technology, Magnetrol’s Eclipse model 705 can fulfill this requirement. This technology allows an accurate, continuous monitoring of the level or volume in the tank.  An important feature of the Eclipse guided wave radar transmitter is the ability to have a probe constructed with multiple bends to conform to the exact shape of the tank. In this way, the mixing rotor placed in the middle of the tank is avoided, and the transmitter can measure to the very last drop.

Using ultrasonic technology, the Magnetrol Echotel model 961 is the ideal switch to detect a maximum high level. A significant advantage of the Echotel model 961 is its insensitivity to foam, which may develop during the mixing or blending of the liquid.

The Magnetrol Thermatel TD2 switch senses the presence or absence of liquid using thermal dispersion technology. The model TD2 can be calibrated to detect low level for things like pump protection or be used to detect flow or no flow in pipelines.

Here is a short video that illustrates the use of these level control technologies in hygienic applications.