Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Radiation Monitoring Systems

Radiation detection systems detect the presence of very low-levels of gamma radioactive materials hidden within a vehicle or container. In industrial applications the system is invaluable in helping catch radioactive material in scrap material before it enters a facility and causes contamination, resulting in costly cleanup expenses. Use of the system in areas of interest for homeland security provides for the early detection of gamma radiation materials, which could be used as a threat to national security. 

System configuration can be optimized for the particular type of transportation system being monitored. The system sensitivity is such that not only does it detect the presence of a target source, it also pinpoints the location of the isotope within the vehicle or container. 

The document below describes RONAN Engineering's XSD-1000 Gamma Radiation Detection System as an example of a type of system used.

Radiation Monitoring Systems from Belilove Company-Engineers

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