Sunday, January 24, 2016

Radiometric Continuous Level Measurement System

radiometric level
Radiometric level
transmitter (courtesy of
RONAN Measurements)

Radiometric measurement provides a safe and efficient, non- contact method to measure liquids or solids in industries including mining and aggregates; power; refining, oil and gas; chemical; metals; pulp and paper; dredging; cement; and food and beverage where materials to be measured are caustic or corrosive, abrasive or highly viscous, held at extreme temperatures or under high pressure, in a process flow that is violent or constantly changing, or contained in a vessel with an internal obstruction.

A radiometric measurement system consists of a gamma source and holder, a detector and a transmitter. The entire system mounts externally to the vessel or pipe and can be easily installed and maintained while the process is running without downtime, vessel modi cations, risk of accidental release, or the need for specialty construction materials.

  • Automatically compensates for vapor density changes, foam or gasses, process build-up
  • Automatic source decay compensation
  • Auto calibration
  • Radiation discrimination
  • State of the art dynamic tracking of process  uctuations
  • Data logging and event recording
  • Adjustable time constant
  • Empty pipe alarm