Sunday, November 29, 2015

Reclaiming Wastewater More Accurately and Economically

Reagent-less chlorine analyzer
chlorine analyzer
The following document presents the use of a panel mounted, reagent-less chlorine analyzer with flow controller, amperometric chlorine analyzer, pH sensor, and controller to improve accuracy for decontamination, while lowering overall maintenance costs.

The importance of water reclamation is growing as drought continues to be a major concern in the southern and western USA. Wastewater reclamation is now a large part of the overall conservation strategy at large wastewater treatment plants.

Treatment includes sedimentation, aeration, clarification and disinfection (through chlorination). After further filtering, demineralization, and additional disinfection, the reclaimed water is then mixed with demineralized water and redistributed for irrigation, landscaping, and industrial use.

The system described below provides very accurate and reliable chlorine analysis and control, but also lowers cost by eliminating the reagent, and associated maintenance costs. A self-cleaning spray feature further reduces costs by lessening the need for inspections.