Wednesday, September 23, 2015

New Design Ball Valve Delivers Accurate Control for ANSI Class 150 to 1500

Trunnion Mount Control Valve
ANSI 150 to 1500Control Valve
This video demonstrates a new valve design that provides excellent control characteristics while maintaining the critical features of trunnion mount valves, namely fire-safe and metal-to-metal tight shutoff. In this video you see a 16" OpTB forged, 3-piece, trunnion mounted ball valve cycling open and closed.
Full port and POB Ball
Full port and POB Ball

Using a new technology known as “Process Optimizer Ball”, these valves surpass the flow control performance of V ported ball valves, and exceed the V port's limitation to Class 600.

Designed to provide an exceptional process control, this valve is ideally suited for industrial services where there are challenging abrasives, corrosive fluids, and have to work under high temperatures and pressures.

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