Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Insertion and Inline Mass Flowmeters

inline - insertion mass flowmeter
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Need a flowmeter able to cover wide piping sizes from 1 1/2" piping and up, consider inline or insertion flowmeters. Constructed of 316 SS, with 2 RTD sensors, offering dual tip and single piece construction with no ports to clog. Thermal Instrument insertion probe mass flow meters provide reliable, accurate, and repeatable measurement of gas and liquids.

These mass flowmeters operate using a constant temperature system that employs two RTD sensors; one for sensing temperature, and one for sensing flow. The sensor is heated to a precise temperature above that of the fluid passing by. The fluid conducts heat off the sensor in direct proportion to the mass flow rate. The temperature is used to set the heat on the flow sensor and correct for changes in the fluid temperature.

The insertion meter is inserted directly into the flow stream to measure the flow rate of gases, liquids, or slurries in stacks, irregularly shaped lines, and process ducts. Unlike other probe flow meters, these devices have no apertures that can be clogged with particles or distorted by wear. Probes are manufactured using 316 SS as a standard, but corrosion resistant materials such as Hastelloy C, Monel, Inconel, Tantalum, and Carpenter 20 are also available. In addition, protective coatings are available including: Carbide, Fluorocarbon , Teflon, and Sulfinert.

Excellent for mass flow measurement for gas, mass flow measurement for water and other liquids, mass flow measurement of natural gas, landfill gas, oxygen, hydrogen, helium, and argon.