Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Industrial Annunciator with Event Recording for Power and Process Applications

industrial annunciator panel
RONAN Annunciator Panel
Visual indication of process variable status, particularly in alarm state, is a basic requirement in any control room and normally accomplished via annunciator panels. Having an annunciator panel that also provides event recording makes life much easier for quality engineers and control room technicians.

In addition, annunciator panels that provide tie-in to plant DCS via Ethernet gives control engineers the flexibility to design process loops with multiple levels of monitoring and safety.

The RONAN X11CB is and example of this type of annunciator.  The X11CB annunciator system is equipped with an integrated Interface Module that allows for an Ethernet connection to the Software Configuration and other applications.  The system also supports industrial protocols which allow for communication with a host on a local or plant network.

The Interface Module continuously monitors system functions and Alarm Modules via a rugged CAN bus interface signaled by dedicated LED or relay contact closure.  The X11CB Annunciator system features one to four windows per module, allowing for a maximum monitoring capacity of 400 alarm points.