Friday, December 19, 2014

Control Valve Challenge in Rocket Propulsion Application

cryogenic control valve
Control Valve
Challenge: To provide a bubble-tight shutoff control valve for liquid oxygen being used in a chemical steam generator in a rocket propulsion testing facility.

Customer requirements: A cage-less design, cryogenic globe control valve that would safely provide fast and consistent Class VI shutoff of liquid Oxygen.

The Solution: Control valve manufacturer Trimteck designed and manufactured a custom 2”, CL300, cryogenic angle/split body valve fitted with piston cylinder actuators. The seat is held in place by the rugged split body configuration without the need for a cage or retainer (normally required for liquid Oxygen valves). The seat maintains its position and is kept at even pressure with the help of eight (8) equidistant bolts that tie together the upper and lower body pieces. Additionally, this “sandwiching” reduces line torsion effects and the adverse effects of vibration on the valve seal. Finally, a custom designed soft wafer seat insert is provided so that seat maintenance can be done quickly and inexpensively.