Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Custom Industrial Control Valve Bodies Made from Bar Stock

control valve with bar stock body
Control valve with
bar stock body
Most globe control valves are built with cast bodies in stainless or carbon steels. But when these valves don’t meet the demands of your application, you need an exotic alloy, or if you need something in a hurry, considered a custom sliding stem valve with a bar stock fabricated body.

Why use a custom engineered
bar stock body control valve?

  • Quick Lead Time – fabricated bar stock bodies are not subject to foundry delays
  • Availability of Exotic Alloys – no limitation on construction material, which allows quick turnaround of valves fabricated from uncommon alloys
  • Availability of High Pressure Valves – can be machined up to ANSI Class 4500; again, with a faster turnaround than cast valves
  • Customizability – body styles, end connections, and face-to-face dimensions can all be customized as required
  • Severe Service – available with an array of severe service trims including venturi seats for flashing service - as well as oversized wall thickness for noise abatement and added durability
Body Styles Available for Custom Bar Stock Control Valves

 1) In-Line Globe - Standard T-Style globe body configuration accommodates in-line piping systems.

2) Offset Globe - If piping can be offset, this allows for a more economical machining process and thus a more economical valve.

3) Angle Body - Often employed to displace the effects of cavitation; and is available with an extended venturi seat ring to protect the outlet passage.

4) Angle Split Body - Two body segments lend this configuration in-line serviceability of trim, and eliminate the need for a retainer or cage.

5) Y-Body - Nearly straight-through flow passage is less restrictive than standard globe valves, which helps reduce turbulence and vibration.

6) Cold BoxWelded cryogenic bonnet extension design permits easy access and removal of the trim from outside the cold box.

Some Application Examples:

Production of Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) - The customer needed custom-built level control valve with an inverted plug; body to be built entirely in Grade 2 Titanium with Grade 7 Titanium welded inlays to protect against the extremely erosive effects of TiO2.

To solve their problem, the vendor (Trimteck) provided the customer an angle body control valve, with an inverted plug and catch-plate. Manufacturing of the valve took place under a very tight delivery schedule, and the customer's schedule was met. All wetted components were machined from Grade 2 Ti bar stock, and treated with a Grade 7 Ti welded inlay.

Rocket Propulsion System Testing: Bubble-tight Shutoff of Liquid Oxygen in Chemical Steam Generator - The customer required a cage-less cryogenic globe valve for quick, safe, and repeatable Class VI shutoff of LOX in a new CSG system used by NASA to create a vacuum chamber for rocket testing.

To solve their problem, the vendor (Trimteck) provided a custom a 2” CL300 316SS cryogenic angle/split body valves fitted with piston-cylinder actuators. The rugged, fabricated split body configuration allowed for the seat to be held in place without the need for a retainer or a cage. The force applied by six equidistant bolts holding the upper and lower body segments together ensures that the seat is “sandwiched,” subjected to even pressure, and held in place to reduce the effects of line torsion or vibration on the seal.