Monday, June 2, 2014

Welcome to the The Process Control and Applied Resistance Heat Blog

We're setting off here to provide an informative and interesting place for visitors to learn about the process control industry as well as to educate on applied resistance (electrical) heating.

We have a unique background in both industrial instrumentation and process heating because of our geographic location (Northern California), and because of our product mix which includes pressure, temperature, level, and flow instrumentation, control valves, analytical instruments, as well as engineered electric heating elements, temperature sensors and controls. We also have expertise in a broad array of industries, including:
  • Bio-Tech
  • Chemical
  • Engineering Design Groups
  • Food & Beverage Processing Industry
  • Glass and Coating Industry
  • Industrial & Natural Gas Production & Transportation
  • Mining and Metals Industry
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers
  • Petrochemical / Refining / Petroleum Pipeline
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power Generation
  • Research / National Labs
  • Semiconductor
  • TMT Cleaning, Repair and Recalibration Services
  • Transportation Industry
  • Water and Waste Water
We plan on providing interesting application notes, custom solutions to challenging process control problems, new product developments and news. We hope you find our information helpful and informative. If you like it, please refer us to your industry friends and peers.